ChatGPT diagnoses toddler’s chronic pain

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In a rare case, OpenAI’s ChatGPT could diagnose the chronic pain condition of a 4-year-old boy in the US, after 17 doctors could not in a span of three years.During the Covid-19 lockdown, Courtney’s son, Alex, then 4, began experiencing pain and had “gigantic meltdowns”, which were calmed down by a painkiller, reported. Soon […]

Managing Inflammation

In the whirlwind of modern life, where stress and fast- paced routines have become the norm, inflammation is a silent and often underestimated adversary of our well- being.As an Ayurvedic practitioner deeply rooted in the wisdom of holistic healing, I’m thrilled to share my secrets for tackling inflammation the Ayurvedic way. Let’s embark on this […]

A Discovery May Solve the Sugar Problem

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Source: A Galilee entrepreneur hoped to achieve a modest goal: to make fish oil a tasty food additive for children. But along the way he came up with a revolutionary method to treat sugar – making it possible to use only a fraction of the amount usually found in processed food Source: Flipboard /

Sugar substitutes found to affect the human body in surprising ways

Language: English In 2014, a Weizmann Institute study in mice had shown that some non-nutritive sweeteners might actually be contributing to changes in sugar metabolism that they are meant to prevent. In the new trial, Prof. Eran Elinav (Weizmann’s Systems Immunology Department) and a team of researchers screened nearly 1,400 potential participants, selecting 120 who […]

The Anmian Acupressure Point

The Anmian Acupressure Point Is Like A Snooze Button On Your Head Even if you complete your cozy evening routine — and gobble a few melatonin gummies, let’s be real — it doesn’t guarantee you’ll be able to fall asleep. Sometimes your brain clicks on or that late-afternoon coffee kicks in, and you end up […]

Autisms: Microbiome’s Role Revealed

A new study provides novel insights into the relationship between the human microbiome and autism.Using an innovative computational approach, researchers reanalyzed previous data sets, finding a unique microbial signature in autistic individuals that could help distinguish them from neurotypical individuals. This study not only sheds light on the puzzling biological roots of autism but also […]

Can CBD Oil Help Children With Autism? This Study Says Yes

Children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) reported significant improvements in their social communication abilities after treatment with CBD oil, according to a new study conducted in Israel. Parents reported a reduction in restrictive and repetitive behaviors of children, reported PsyPost. The study, published in the journal Translational Psychiatry, was conducted on 82 children (65 identified […]

A collection of quality Advaita Vedanta resources 

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This is a collection of quality Advaita Vedanta resources (PDF’s, books, FAQ’s, explanations, etc) — which can help you further in clarifying how to live intelligently, maintain emotional composure amidst the modern world, and bring out nuances to the vision of Oneness. Before diving into the resources — a discerning seeker recognizes that wisdom only becomes fully […]