diffusionBee-diagnosing toddler’s chronic pain

ChatGPT diagnoses toddler’s chronic pain

In a rare case, OpenAI’s ChatGPT could diagnose the chronic pain condition of a 4-year-old boy in the US, after 17 doctors could not in a span of three years.
During the Covid-19 lockdown, Courtney’s son, Alex, then 4, began experiencing pain and had “gigantic meltdowns”, which were calmed down by a painkiller, TODAY.com reported.

Soon Alex began chewing things, stopped growing taller, showed some imbalances between his left and right sides, started having severe headaches that were getting worse, and also struggled with exhaustion.
From dentists to paediatrician to neurologist, Courtney visited 17 different doctors for three years, but no one could diagnose his symptoms.
“Our sweet personality — for the most part — (child) is dissolving into this tantrum-ing crazy person that didn’t exist the rest of the time,” Courtney was quoted as saying.
She then signed up for ChatGPT and began entering his medical information, hoping to find a diagnosis.

Source: SocialNews

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