The Anmian Acupressure Point

The Anmian Acupressure Point Is Like A Snooze Button On Your Head

Even if you complete your cozy evening routine — and gobble a few melatonin gummies, let’s be real — it doesn’t guarantee you’ll be able to fall asleep. Sometimes your brain clicks on or that late-afternoon coffee kicks in, and you end up lying awake for hours on end. In those moments, it can help to press a certain acupressure point behind your ears aptly named the “snooze button.”
Acupressure is one of the many modalities used in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), says Dr. Nicole Glathe, DAOM, LAc, DiplOM, a doctor of Chinese Medicine, acupuncturist, and head of product and service innovation at wellness hub WTHN. The snooze button — also called the anmien, which translates to “peaceful sleep” — is one of them, and it’s a pressure point located behind each ear. All you have to do is massage the area for a few minutes, and you’ll supposedly be out like a light.

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